Happy New Year and 1 Year Old Today

Happy New Year to all the CrossFit Mergers and newcomers to this site!  

This is not only the first post of the new year, but today is also the 1 year anniversary of CrossFit Merge!  

Can you believe?  It was a year ago today that CrossFit Merge opened its doors for business.  I couldn’t ask for a better 2011 and know 2012 is going to be even better.  Here’s a look back at the gym before its transformation.

I think I was the only one that saw its potential.  

My friends had the honor of doing the first WOD, sit-ups, double-unders and running.  The condition of the gym was pretty rough to say the least.

Some color on the walls, mats on the floor, and some pull-up bars…it was now starting to take shape.

My Dad and I constructed these platforms; it was an all day affair trying to get the cuts right.

Now it looks like a CrossFit gym.  It just needed some willing participants.

Now we’re talkin’.  Look out 2012, it’s going to be bigger and badder.  Are you ready?

Know someone that’s ready to start 2012 with a completely new and different fitness program?  Have them call 818 642 7270 to schedule their free one-on-one intro session to get started.  


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