Schedule and Benchmarks

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this past weekend.  

Here’s a rundown of our New Year’s schedule:

Normal schedule this week through Friday

Saturday, December 31st – 11:00am class only (All Levels)

Sunday, January 1st – Closed

Monday, January 2nd – 12:30pm class only (All Levels)

Also this week, we are hitting up benchmarks and other named workouts.  Girl WODs, Hero WODs, Fights Gone Bad, these are all workouts we have done this past year at CrossFit Merge.  See how much you’ve improved by retesting these workouts.  

Monday’s WOD

Tabata That

Tabata row

1 minute rest

Tabata squat

1 minute rest

Tabata sit-up

1 minute rest

Tabata push-up

1 minute rest

Tabata pull-up

1 minute rest

Score is the lowest number of reps or calories in each of the 8 Tabata intervals

Sarah and Lauren squeezing in a WOD before the weekend.

Easy cool down.

Saturday’s team WOD where the women’s team of Stephanie, Christina, and Kendra took the win.


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