Throwdown Recap

Wow!  What a fun time and great turnout we had last Saturday for our first of what will be many in house competitions.

There were so many awesome moments, that I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

The first workout was a nasty combination of shoulder to overhead, burpee bar hops, and double-under/single-unders.  We loaded up the barbells, grabbed the jump ropes, and we were off and running.

The adrenaline and excitement allowed people to blow through the first two rounds.  But round three is when the shoulders started to fatigue and the barbell seemed to get impossibly heavy. 

People started to break up the reps, and the burpee pace slowed down to a crawl.  Yet the energy from the athletes and spectators did not wane and we saw incredible determination and grit from everyone.  This workout was a burner and a terrific way to set the tone for the rest of the competition.

WOD 1 Highlights:

Dan C. posting a solid WOD time despite doing double-unders in between his single-unders.

Adriana, Pat, and Jeff hadn’t planned on competing but decided that this WOD was way too much fun to sit out and got into the action.

After a short break, we set up the gym for WOD 2: 4 minutes to establish a 1 rep max deadlift, or clean and jerk for the Men’s Rx, followed by 90 seconds of max pull-ups.  The intensity and excitement for this WOD were off the charts.

Maybe the gravitational force off on Saturday because it seemed like people were setting PRs with ease.  In the first heat, Adrienne set the bar very high for the women by getting a huge PR of 193# on her deadlift.  Surprised only momentarily by her achievement, she then added in a few pull-ups to bump up her score even more as fellow athletes and spectators cheered her on.  All the women, Jen, Stephanie, Christina, Pat, Adriana, Leslie, Ellen, Lauren, and Kendra set PRs on their lifts.  It was amazing to watch.

The PRs did not end there, however.  Dan H. broke the 300# mark on his deadlift, and Chris B. was right there with him at 305#.  Len was only looking to match his PR at 255 but then lifted 275 and added 10 kipping pull-ups.  Kevin bumped up his old PR from 315# to 330#.  Alex PR’d with 325#.  With every successful lift came an uproar from the crowd which brought out even more energy.

Chris looking totally badass with his pull.

Jen said she wasn’t finishing with anything less than a PR.  She got 253#!

Stephanie on her way to setting a PR.

Len with a 20# PR.

New gal Lauren wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to lift heavy either.

Leslie hit a PR and then won the event by using her gymnastic skills to put together several pull-ups for extra points.

Bend that bar, Kevin!

Alex was super glad he didn’t have to work on Saturday because how else would he have been able to lift 325#?

Dan working his way up to 310# deadlift PR.

Our oldest competitor, D1, was right there in the mix with a 295# deadlift.

The max clean and jerk was just as thrilling.  There’s something about picking a super heavy weight off the floor and putting it overhead that is flat out knarly and so much fun to watch.

Fred moved quickly up the ladder, opening up at 135 before hitting 185 on his clean and jerk.  He locked out 205 and then went for 225.  After a successful power clean of 225, he just missed locking out 225#.

Chris H’s status on whether or not he would compete was up in the air right until Saturday morning.  After hitting 165#, he loaded up his bar with 175#.  With a less than 100% healthy back, he chalked up and stomped his feet as he psyched himself up for this important lift.  With the crowd cheering behind him, he power cleaned the bar and locked it out overhead off before triumphantly dropping the bar down.

Kenny, sitting in second place going into the event, worked up to 185#.  It went up easy, and with 30 seconds left, he scrambled to put on 195#.  With time for only one attempt, he gripped the bar but just couldn’t get the elbows around quickly enough to clean the weight.  So close.

Cory knew his clean and jerk was going to have to be big since the smaller guys would give him a run on the pull-up portion of the WOD.  After cleaning 255, he tried but failed to put it overhead.  Luckily, he caught the bar on his shoulders and hit it again, this time locking it out for a successful lift.

And in a moment of true courage, Brian, who hurt his leg going for a 185# clean and jerk, refused to quit, and through sheer guts he jumped on the pull-up bar to get as many extra points as he could.  It’s a testament to his spirit and no quit attitude.  That was incredible!

The final WOD would determine the winners as all three divisions were very tight at the top.  There was a lot a strategy involved in this WOD as athletes got to choose how many of each movements they would performed.  Jeff, knowing the front squat weight of 105# would be challenging for him, elected to just do box jump over.  It worked out well for him as he won the event with 67 reps.

For the women, it was a close race at the top between Stephanie, Jen, Leslie, and Christina.  All four came into the gym around the same time after the run.  But it was Christina’s front squats that allowed her to pull away.  

Adrienne used her speed on the run to leave enough time for the front squats and box jump overs.  She finished second on this event and fifth overall.  

On the men’s Rx side, it was all about the handstand push-up.  If you could rep these out, you placed near the top in this WOD.  Dan C. moved fast on the run and then worked very consistently on his handstand push-ups to take third place on the event.  

Chris H made quick work on the run and built a quick lead on the handstand push-ups that he never let go.  But Cory had a good mix of push-ups and cleans to hold onto a second place finish in the WOD and a first place finish overall.  

Chris B (first place) Kevin and Len (second place tie) Men’s Almost Rx’d division

Christina (first place), Jen and Leslie (second place tie) Women’s division

Cory (first place), Chris H (second place), Kenny (third place)

Congrats and thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday.  Oh yeah, and the food was damn tasty too.

Fred and Brian enjoying the chow


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