PR’s and Reasons We Train

Happy Friday, Mergers!

Once again, here’s Freddy C from CrossFit One World discussing why we train.

“What a great month of PR’s! Each and everyone of you on this board should be very proud of your achievements. A new PR (personal record) means one thing: you are working hard and it’s paying off. I would love to see everyone in the gym have their name on this board at the end of each month. Don’t be shy about what it is that you’ve done better than you did the month before. Maybe you finally string together two double unders. Maybe you hit a new 1 rep max lift by 1#. Maybe you get your first kipping pull-up. Maybe you make it though your first workout without throwing up.

Your training should have purpose. The purpose can be whatever you choose: lose weight, get healthier, look better naked, compete in the CrossFit Games, run a marathon (did I really just say that?). Whatever your purpose for training is, you need to train hard to achieve the goal. Hitting a new PR is proof you are moving in the right direction.

It’s funny that when people first start out at One World and they are suffering through their first workout, I will sometimes tell them, “Don’t worry, it gets easier.” In actuality, that is a lie. If you dedicate yourself to your training, it gets harder because you always want more. New PR’s are kinda like crack. Once you start, you want more and it’s hard to stop. I like to think that if you are training smart and resting appropriately, PR’s are good crack. You are in a good place when you are a “good crack” crackhead…

If you’ve ever left the gym and you are stoked because you accomplished something that you thought you never were going to achieve, you have a hit a new PR. Share that accomplishment with everyone. Be proud of it. Write your PR’s on the board. Just make sure you write small so everyone else can share too…..”

So, post your comments and reason why you train to the comments.


Hip mobility work

BTW, who hasn’t checked out K-Star’s Mobility site?

Workout of the Day (WOD):

Double alternating Tabata of:


Heavy kettlebell swings

Rest 5 minutes

Double alternating Tabata of:

Toes to bar


Score is total reps in each of the Tabata couplets

Sarah, Mike, and Danny must have really good reasons they train because who likes toes 2 bar and burpees at 7 in the morning?  


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