Getting Back To It

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving with friends and family.

The holiday season seems to always revolve around a trinity of food, shopping, and vacation.  During this busy time of year, it’s easy to let your fitness get sidetracked and before you know it, all that hard work you put forth during the year can disappear.

Don’t let yourself off the hook because it’s the holidays.

Don’t compromise and tell yourself that you just try it again at the beginning of the new year.  Do it now!

Don’t tell yourself you’re too busy to get to the gym.  Believe me, you can find 3 hours out of the 168 hour week to make it into the gym to WOD it up.

Let’s finish off the year on a high note with your health and fitness at the best it’s ever been.

Mike felt the day before Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity to set a 385# deadlift PR.


2 responses to “Getting Back To It

  • Arien

    If anyone from the CF Merge team happens to have a picture of me (and for that matter, the rest of the gang) deadlifting on last Wednesday, I’d love to have a copy for motivation =) Meanwhile, I made up my own WOD for the weekend because I got bored with sitting around after Turkey Day… what’s happening to me? haha

    – Arien

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