Where’s Our George Jetson Pill?

People don’t like to think.

This pertains to a lot of things, but specifically we’re gonna talk about food here.

Remember “The Jetsons”? Ah, good old Saturday morning cartoons (usually accompanied by horrifically sugared cereals, and juice for me). On his way out the door, George Jetson would snag his breakfast pill, and be on his way. No thinking. Just digesting and assimilating all that white powdery goodness, yum!

Really? Was that our goal back then? Is it still our goal? To have a “pill” that we eat for “food”, instead of actually nourishing ourselves off of actually things we’ve been eating for centuries? And while I’m on the subject or promises for the future that were made to me growing up – Where is my damn flying skateboard from Back to The Future II?

As asinine as that may seem, it’s pretty much the trend. Nutrisystem. Protein powders. Carnation Instant Breakfast (remember that crap? I know my sister does). I’m not a close personal friend of George Jetson, but I would be willing to bet you he was suffering from some serious health consequences that came along with eating enriched Tic-Tacs for breakfast (and as I recall he was rather “skinny-fat”, and boy did that guy have some anger issues… Low-Carb anxiety maybe?).

Silly example and rant, I know – But bottom line. Eat real frigging FOOD please!

If nothing else, just do that, and you’ll be better off I promise. The more it looks like a Jetson Pill, the worse it is for you. Is it packaged? Quick? Convienent? Super tasty? Is it CAPITALIZED (eggs, broccoli, potato – these things are not, Kashi Go Lean, is). Does it have a manufacturers coupon this week? Then it’s probably not good for you.

This is not the same thing as this. Sorry.

Cookies are cookies. I don’t give a rat’s ass if it was made with gluten-free, Organic Macadamia Nut flower grown in shaded volcanic soil on the western facing mountains of Hawaii and sweetened with the post-coital armpit sweat of African Honey Bees (or some other foolish “healthy” version, ”Low-carb” version, “Paleo” version, or gluten-free version). It’s still a cookie. And I’m sorry, but these and these are cookies too…

Nobody every became morbidly obese eating whole, real, unprocessed foods – Be those meats, potatoes, vegetables, grains (largely traditionally prepared and not refined/enriched), and fruits. It’s our modern never-ending over-abundant supply of pornographic and highly palatable/addictive foodstuffs* that are the problem – Not real food.

*Funny side note – Spell check recognizes the word “foodstuffs”… Is this alarming to anyone else?

I could probably throw in a reliance on sugar in general and vegetable oils, as the main culprits to point out, along with too much stress, chronic over-exercising (specifically “cardio”), and poor sleep.

Take a breathe. Relax. Get some sleep. Eat some eggs. Munch on an apple. Cook some potatoes. Steam some broccoli. Have a little butter with it. Don’t do Murph everyday, or eat a raw vegan diet, or be a chronic distance runner like this guy on the left. And please don’t waste your time doing this. You’ll probably be okay. But then again, I don’t have any books, prepackaged snacks, or supplements to sell – So what the hell do I know?

Be Well,

Rane J.



Barbell Complex

3 power snatches

2 snatch grip push presses

1 overhead squat

Perform 4 sets increasing the weight each set.  

Beginner Skill

1 Press + 2 Push Presses

Perform 5 sets increasing the weight each set.

Workout of the Day (WOD):

4 rounds, each a 4 minute AMRAP of:

3 power snatches (115#/75# for women) or 3 dumbbell ground to overhead (Beginner Class)

6 push-ups

9 squats

Rest 1 minute

Resume the next round where you left off.  

Post total rounds to comments

Dan getting set for his overhead squat.

Christine showing good control and focus on her squat.


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