Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween Mergers!  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and didn’t go overboard on the candy and snacks from all the weekend Halloween festivities.  For the Nutrition Challenge participants, keep up the hard work as we enter the third week.  Hopefully it’s getting easier and your starting to look, feel, and perform better.  

Also this week, we are having a ‘Bring a Friend Day’ workout!  Got someone interested in trying out CrossFit? Then bring them to class on Sunday, November 6th, at 10:00 am.  This will be a special class for you and a buddy to participate in a CrossFit team WOD.  Sign up at the gym on the Announcement Board (the regular, All Levels 11:00 am class on Sunday is still on as well).

And here are some photos from Friday’s deadlift and burpee session.

Kevin is eating clean and making this 305# deadlift look easy.

Christina and Sarah taking on the 2008 CrossFit Games workout of: 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 10 burpees.

D1 with a 285# PR.

168# and a PR for Morgan.

A fast and furious WOD.

And here’s an appropriately themed pumpkin I carved to celebrate my first CrossFit Halloween a couple of years back.  Check out the teeth.  


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