It’s Really Hard to Eat This Way

No, you’re just not used to it yet.

For me, it’s hard to consider eating Toaster Strudels and Orange Juice for breakfast.

Well it’s doubly hard cause I usually fast, and don’t eat breakfast (but let’s not get into that yet)…

I don’t think twice about most my meals at this point – It’s second nature. Two poached eggs, and some diced sweet potatoes, cooked with onions in pastured butter. I could cook this in my sleep (and most mornings, if/when I make breakfast, I probably am).

I realize that Pop-Tarts/cereal and juice is quicker option (a little bit), but how long does a complete diabetes blood test panel and oral glucose tolerance test take? You might be on that path – Get off it! You’ll save yourself time and money down the road by eating preventatively healthy, in line with your evolutionary heritage…

We are creatures of habit. And old habits are hard to break. But when it comes to eating many of the foods that have a negative impact on our health, it is a hard habit to break on a psychological and physical level.

Some of you may be experiencing a little fatigue, lethargy, etc. This is normal, and to be expected. Some call it the “low-carb flu”, detoxing, etc. Almost any drastic change in your diet (in any direction) is going to flip on different metabolic pathways. Ever NOT eat fast food for a very long time, then have some…yeah, not pleasant.

I hate saying “give it time”, as you can apply that in the wrong context, and lead people down the wrong road, but “give it some time”.

Many of these foods act on our reward centers in our brains (opioids in grains/legumes, carbs and sugars effect on serotonin, etc). This is where doing a 30 Day “strict” moderate-to-lower carb paleo approach, a la Robb Wolf may come in handy – If you start experimenting, tweeking, and fiddling with the concept from the get-go, you’re probably likely to never give this thing an honest buy in.

Many long term low-carbers, or long term vegetarians, seem to see it as a failure of your willpower if you do not thrive on their idea of a perfect human diet.

“You just need to stick to it longer.”

“You need to go lower/no-carb.”

“You need to become full Vegan.”

Ehhh… I don’t think so. There may be an element of adjustment that can make you more tolerant to a diet that doesn’t fit your needs and lifestyle. But at some point, you should be able to intuitively “feel” that something is truly wrong, or right, for your body.

That’s why I like this “paleo” thing (when approached from the right angle). IT IS NOT LOW-CARB, HIGH-MEAT, or VEGETARIAN/VEGAN, HIGH-CARB, etc. There is no simple answer with diet and nutritional advice for people. It’s because it’s not a juvenile idea (meat is bad, carbs are bad, fat is bad) spit out like rhetoric and dogma. It’s much, much more complex than that – Again, when approached properly.

Now that said, “eat what a caveman ate”, is an okay “fallback”, and something that you can grab onto like a life raft if you’re lost out at Cheesecake Factory and don’t know what to order.

Using the principles of evolutionary nutrition and traditional cooking methods, and viewing things through a biochemical scope, we can make wise decisions in the right foundational direction. The tweeks you make for you, make it optimal for your situation and goals (fat loss, performance, longevity, pregnancy, etc.)

As some of you start off in this direction for the first time – Here are a few things that will be very helpful to you…

As you might see from looking into these resources, or countless others, there is always slight disagreement and different approaches to this. Higher-fat, lower-carb. No starch at all, no fruit at all, lots of fruit, lots of starch… It gets annoying.

 Here are some general “rules of thumb” or tips that I have experienced personally, and seen be helpful with others, etc.

  • If you are really new to this, have body-fat to lose, and have eaten “low-fat” for a while, you are probably best served to SLOWLY ramp up your fat intake. Your gallbladder is partially atrophied – Give it some time to “get back in shape” to handle digesting all that fat.
  • Likewise, if you are new to this, and have some insulin sensitivity issues, you are probably best off avoiding starchy carb sources, with the exception of perhaps small amounts once a week as a “refeed”, or small amounts immediately after your more intense workouts. In a future post I will talk about the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to include starch sources in a long term healthy diet, something I believe really screws up many low-carb and “paleo” dieters. For now, just eat some damn peeled sweet potatoes once a week, thanks!
  • I think almost everyone starting this thing off goes crazy on nuts and fruit… You DO NO NEED EITHER in a healthy diet, AT ALL!!! Have some if you’d like. But neither is the panacea of health they are promoted to be.  Ditch them for the most part – You’ll be better off.
  • I don’t think you can go too wrong resorting to lean meats/fish, green veggies, and small amounts of pastured butter, coconut oil, olive oil… This is gonna get most people a lot of mileage.

 I hope you all are taking this seriously (it’s your health). Next post we’ll get into a little bit of why you should opt for “quality meats”, and what I mean by “quality”… 


Rane J.

Tuesday Skill: 

5 sets of max weight pull-ups (25#/15# dumbbell for women)

L-sit practice inbetween sets

Elements Skill:

L-sit progressions

Workout of the Day (WOD):

15 deadlifts (use 65% of your 1 rep max)

Run 100 meters

12 deadlifts

Run 200 meters

9 deadlifts

Run 400 meters

6 deadlifts

Run 800 meters

Post times to comments

And they say we don’t do abs in CrossFit.

Chris and Dan going for max sets of chins.

Kendra with a great deadlift expression and Brian with just straight up great hair.

Power cleans for tomorrow.  

The Power Clean from Again Faster on Vimeo.


One response to “It’s Really Hard to Eat This Way

  • I. G.

    I accidentally found this blog via “The Perfect Health Diet”. I absolutely agree with you – take it simple and do not make your (Paleo) diet overly complicated. I wish to add: Resist the temptation of immitating modern foods using “Paleo ingredients”. Baked goods made from nuts provides you with excessive calories if eaten in equal amounts that you used to have from the “original” and isn´t that healthy. Coconut milk is good but don´t use it as a 1:1 subsitute for whole milk as it has twice as much calories. And by resisting the temptation to “paleolize” everything that was bad for you you avoid the addictive quality of those foods!

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