Ready to Start

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and is ready to start the week.

As a reminder, we are having a Nutrition lecture on Tuesday at 6:30 pm in preparation for the 5 week Nutrition Challenge here at CrossFit Merge that starts on October 17th.  (That means there is no 6:30 pm CrossFit class on Tuesday)

So if you want to find out more about Paleo eating, cleaning up your diet, or just have questions about certain foods, then come to the lecture. 

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s gang messing around with the Filthy 50.

50 box jumps to open up the chipper WOD.

50 jumping pull-ups.  Kenny looks like he’s on his own program. 

And here are some videos to help you review the movements for tomorrow’s WOD. 

Heather Bergeron works out.



2 responses to “Ready to Start

  • Dan

    Getting back to the discussion of whether or not to post the workouts the day before, I really liked how you posed the thruster video above. I’m still torn on posting the workouts, but the educational vids the day before are awesome! They should help reinforce what you teach in class and help us perform better.

    Great find on the vid by the way. It’s very cool to see those pro crossfitters working out. Thanks.

  • KT

    They’re so badass. It’s great to see the attention to breath and the level of focus they bring into it before they go for it.

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