PVC Pipe + Burgener Warm-up

Speed, power, strength, flexibility, agility, balance…I’m talking about the Olympic lifts, and more specifically, the snatch.

The snatch is not something that comes easily or quickly.  There won’t be a day when it suddenly clicks and you magically are able to achieve triple extension, an aggressive turnover of the bar, and then stand up with 200# overhead.  Success and improvements will come in very small, incremental steps that are hone in with diligent practice.

But say you don’t have access to barbells and bumper plates.  What to do?  Well, start with the Burgener Warm-up.  All you need is a PVC pipe and some focused intensity and your lifts will get better.

Watch a young Pat Barber get his first lesson from Coach Burgener on the warm-up.

Even if you do have a barbell and plates, still do the Burgener Warm-up.


On the minute for 10 minutes perform 1 power snatch

Try to move up in weight each minute

Workout of the Day (WOD):

Run 100 meters

2 power snatches (95#/63# for women)

Run 200 meters

4 power snatches

Run 300 meters

6 power snatches

Run 400 meters

8 power snatches

Run 500 meters

10 power snatches

Post times to comments

Cory instructing the class on the Burgener Warm-up

Fred showing his speed strength during the power snatches. 


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