Top Reasons On Why You Should Journal

Say you have something really important coming up.  A big meeting at work, a friend’s birthday party, a vacation, etc.  When something is important, you write it down or record it. 

The same should be true with your CrossFit sessions.  Your health and fitness should be important enough for you to take the time to journal what you did in class.   

Here are some top reasons why having a CrossFit journal is important:

1.  Keeping a journal accelerates learning.  In case you haven’t noticed, CrossFit has its own language and a unique use of numbers.  By taking the time to write down the skills and workouts, your brain will more quickly process the new information.  Pretty soon you’ll feel very comfortable with all the jargon being thrown around which will allow you to focus more on the training and less on trying to recall what a snatch balance is.

2.  When you keep an accurate journal, you know which weights you’ve used.  You can easily reference your 1 rep max front squat now by turning a few pages on your journal.  You remember that you did the Helen workout with a 44# kettlebell last week. 

When you track all your weights you now have more accurate goals for the next time you lift.  If the skill that day is to find a new 3 rep max overhead squat, and you know the weight the last time you did this lift, then you now have a new goal to shoot for.  Instead of wasting time with unnecessary warm-up reps while trying to figure out at what weight you should use for your final set, you are now lifting with a purpose and a set number to beat from the get go. 

3.  A journal gives us information to analyze.  Say for instance your progress has stalled and you’re not sure why.  Look back at the journal.  Maybe there’s a pattern there, like avoiding the heavy lifting days or skipping out when there’s running.  Additionally, if you track stuff like sleep and what you ate that day, this can also help in pinpointing the problem. 

4.  Last, a journal tracks your progress.  Look back through the pages of your journal to remind yourself of all the progress you’ve made during your commitment to CrossFit.  You’d be surprised at how much you’ve improved, like going from band assisted pull-ups to 20 kipping pull-ups in a row.  It’s fun to look back in a journal and see what you’ve accomplished.

In short, keep a journal.  It will make you better.  

Don’t know what to record in your journal/logbook?  Read this post.

And, feel free to use this weightlifting chart to easily track your progress.

Weightlifting Tracker

Bryan logs everything in his journal and has consequently hit PRs on all of his major lifts.


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