Injuries Happen

Here’s an excerpt from Freddy C. up at CrossFit One World regarding injuries.  Some good nuggets of information in here on injuries and also putting your fitness in perspective.

“Haters always circle their wagons and argue that everyone is getting hurt doing CrossFit. Of course people get hurt doing CrossFit, but guess what? Do any type of physical activity on a regular basis and injuries happen. I trained Krav Maga and fought in the ring. Over the course of those years of training, I was injured WAY MORE than I’ve ever been hurt doing CrossFit style of training.

I’ve seen track stars blow out hammies in the finals at national, world, and Olympic meets. World class weightlifters pull, strain and tear things. Professional football players, baseball players, and basketball players are always getting injured. Professional hockey players get cut up, stitched up, and return to the ice in the same game!! What causes more trips to the emergency room than anything? People playing recreational softball, basketball, and soccer.

You can’t do physical activity without some risk of getting injured. I think that so many people hate on CossFit and make a big deal about the injuries because in the early years of CrossFit, CrossFit shot itself in the foot. Bold claims were made that CrossFit doesn’t cause injuries. Maybe in the early years, there weren’t a lot of injuries, but there were injuries nonetheless. Saying that you can’t get injured doing CrossFit was dumb.

If you do prolonged work at high intensity, whether light or heavy, there is likely a degredation in form. Pushing through that is dangerous. If you want to avoid being injured, listen to your body. Working through injuries is something professional athletes do. They get paid, and they get top notch treatment. For the rest of us, working through injury or exceeding what you are capable of because “that’s what CrossFit is all about” is f*cking retarded. On the flip side of that, the benefits/results of training at high intensity can’t be ignored. People have been doing interval training forever. It’s no secret that it makes you fitter. The problem CrossFitters have is that they don’t realize that you have to turn that off sometimes.

Be smart. You have been warned.”

Speaking personally, my body was way more beat up and injured from years of training in the Marine Corps compared to my years of training with CrossFit.  I was constantly plagued with stress fractures, tendinitis, and knee pain because of overuse and not enough rest.  But hey, that was the job and a lot times you just had to suck it up.

Now, I listen to my body much more and am smart about rest and recovery.  Not everyday has to be a thrashing.  If I need to ice, I’ll ice.  Soreness is really bad, I’ll roll out.  And I take rest days when I’m just not feeling up for it.  

Taking the long view of my health and fitness, over the past two and a half years with CrossFit, I look, and most important, feel much better than I ever did before.

So again, be smart about your training and recovery.  You’ve now been warned a second time.




3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Workout of the Day (WOD):

12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

6 plyometric push-ups

8 overhead lunges (45#/25# plate for women)

10 burpee pull-ups

This was Mark’s last day at CrossFit Merge before he’s off to the east coast for work.  Mark has made huge gains in strength, speed, power, and endurance with CrossFit.  For his final workout, je wanted something to smoke the upper body as well as a heavy lift to really fire things up.  I think he was pretty happy after the workout yesterday.

Best of luck and be sure to come back for a visit, Mark.  Your 205# deadlift was just the beginning, 300# is not far off.

Chris going as prescribed on his overhead lunges.

Crystal ditching the plate as she races to the pull-up bar as Justin works his plyometric push-ups.


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