Squat or Deadlift

On Monday we did high volume back squats at about 80% of your 1 rep max.  It was heavy, hard, and probably left you sore and tired at the end of the last set.  And that was the intent.  You won’t get stronger and adapt unless you overload the body. 

But here’s another question, would you rather do a heavy set of squats or a heavy set of deadlifts?  One is a pushing movement, the squat, the other a pull.  Both are great tests of strengths that use multiple joints and large muscles in the body, but which one do you consider harder, and which one do you like more?

Freddy Camacho at CrossFit One World has an interesting take on the Squat versus Deadlift debate, and I agree that a true 5 x 5 back squat session can be absolutely crushing, but post your thoughts to the comments about which lift you prefer, which one is harder, and which one is just downright scary.


Hollow rock practice

4 sets, each 2 minutes long of:

200 meter shuttle run, then max hollow rocks in the remainder of the time

Rest 30 seconds between sets

Workout of the Day (WOD):

5 rounds for time of:

50 double-unders

20 sumo deadlift high pulls (75#/53# for women)

Post times to comments

What do you do for ‘abs’ in CrossFit?  Squats, deadlifts, push-ups, and the hollow rock are all pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good for that.


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