Fittest on Earth

The CrossFit Games are over.  The dust has settled, the bumper plates are put away, and the chalk is cleaned up.  In the end, Rich Froning Jr. took the individual title for the men, and Annie Thorisdottir from Iceland won it for the women.  They are the fittest man and woman.

It was an awesome weekend of competition.  It was pretty special seeing the best in the sport give everything they had during numerous workouts.  There was rope climbing, olympic lifting, running, muscle-ups, deadlifts, and of course, burpees.

It was also great to see so many CrossFit Merge members at the Games.  The sport of CrossFit is rapidly growing, and I can’t wait till next year when our gym is right in the mix of all the competition.

If you want to relive the action from the weekend, check out the video archives here.

CrossFit legend Chris Spealler finishing the dog sled pull.

Pat ‘Manimal’ Barber with a gutsy performance in the final event.

The final Team event was incredible, a relay race of six famous ‘Girl’ WODs.

The women had to push a 300 lb sled after finishing a combination of handstand push-ups, overhead squats, and double-unders.

Training for 2012 starts now.  Who’s with me?


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