Another New Class

That’s right, Tuesday now has a 5:30 pm class.  You can find our whole schedule here as well.

Do you consider CrossFit a sport?  There are now regularly occurring CrossFit competitions, the biggest being the Reebok CrossFit Games at the end of this month. 

Top CrossFit athletes have sponsors, training seasons, their own t-shirts, but can exercise be a sport?  Do you treat CrossFit as a sport or do you consider it more of a fitness program in the traditional sense?  Post your thoughts to the comments.

Monday’s Skill:

Pause Front Squats (holding at the bottom of the squat)

5 reps with a 1 second pause

4 reps with a 2 second pause

3 reps with a 3 second pause

2 reps with a 4 second pause

1 rep with a 5 second pause

Try to move up in weight for each set

Workout of the Day (WOD):

1/2 Chelsea

On the minute for 15 minutes, complete:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

Scale reps up or down

12:30pm CrossFitters getting their pull-ups down.

The push-up, making CrossFit workouts miserable since 2001. 

Reviewing the finer points of the front squat.  “The more uncomfortable it feels, the closer the front squat is to being correct.”  Said Coach Bryce.

Delaney staying active in the bottom position of her squat.

Mateo showing excellent form with the elbows up and the bar on his fingertips.

It wouldn’t be a day of CrossFitting without pull-ups.


3 responses to “Another New Class

  • Cory

    Its both a sport and a program for sure. Its awesome that any crossfit athlete can do the games workouts adjusted to their ability. Although it is a fitness program the community makes it so much more. Ill never go back!

  • Marianoel

    it is most definitely a sport!! with a fitness program presented in a totally radical way 🙂

  • BurpeeMike

    Not a sport. Just some techincal movments that get you in shape for real sports (make you a better athlete). Definately works though. The games are very cool and more entertainning to watch then real sports.

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