Weekend WODs

Remember that starting this week we will have 5:30 pm classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  

And here’s a recap of the workouts from over the weekend.

On Friday, we tackled a barbell complex known as The Bear.  The Bear is 7 cycles of the following:

1 power clean

1 front squat

1 shoulder to overhead

1 back squat

1 shoulder to overhead

After each set of 7 cycles, move up in weight and do it again.  Though this workout isn’t timed, it certainly gets you winded and no doubt tests one’s mental endurance.

Kendra and Ryan working the steel.

Sarah was almost in disbelief at how her overhead strength has increased.

Delaney getting ready for her 7th and final back squat of the sequence.

Saturday was another Hero WOD, “Whitten

5 rounds for time of:

22 kettlebell swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)

22 box jumps (24″/20″)

400 meter run

22 burpees

22 wall ball shots (20/14)

Not a very technical WOD, but not easy by any means.  Awesome work from all the CrossFit Mergers on Saturday.

Heather, with a smile or maybe it’s a CrossFit grimace,  jumps while D1 swings his 53# kettlebell.

Sal, rocking the new CrossFit Merge tank top, came in for open gym for a hammer strike WOD.

Sunday’s workout was a team effort.  After some ‘Death by Sprints’, the workout was 4 rounds of:

7 right arm overhead squats

7 left arm overhead squats

14 lateral hops

14 toes to bar

One person completes the above work while the other holds dumbbells overhead.  If the dumbbells come down, both team members stop and perform 3 burpees before continuing.  One round is both athletes completing the work.

Nice work from Andie, Brian, and Chris.


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