Annie Get Your Rope

Here are your Thursday links:

Learning your limits 

The Biggest Training Fallacy of All 

The Bamboo Cage (muscle pain is not in the muscles) 

Can Shoes Really Tone the Body?  (This is long overdue)

Nice work yesterday on the benchmark workout Annie.  Double-unders may be one of the most frustrating and elusive movements we have in CrossFit.  

I can’t recall a single person ever just getting double-unders without diligent practice and a lot of failed attempts.  CrossFitters with smokin’ double-unders have paid their dues to the jump rope gods.


-Handstand practice: kicking up, wall climbs, then Tabata handstand hold

-Double-under practice

Workout of the Day (WOD):


50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 reps for time of:



(sub 3 to 1 single-unders for double-unders)

Post times to comments

First things first, the warm-up.

Dan looking very strong and relaxed on his handstand.

Anthony, Mark, and Mina getting through the jump rope portion of the WOD.

Burpee Mike may have trouble showing up on time, but he is known to bust out a double-under or two.  

Like Burpee Mike, Chris Spealler is another former wrestler that has some decent jump rope skills.


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