Congratulations to all of our Paleo Challenge contestants.  Thank you for your willingness in trying a new way of eating.  It was a super close race at the top, so without further ado, here are the top three. 

In third is Kendra.  Kendra lost weight, increased her back squat by 30 pounds, decreased her 800 meter run time, and took nearly two minutes off her Baseline WOD time.  She also set a personal record on her box jump of 26″.  Wow!

Despite several employee appreciation events at her work that tempted her with very non Paleo foods, Kendra stayed strong and planned ahead to stick with Paleo foods.  Kendra comes in to the gym consistently, ready to work, and makes improvements everyday.  Congratulations, Kendra.

Taking second is none other than Burpee Mike.  Mike was all about trying new types of meat and sharing his recipes with others on the Facebook page. 

Mike seemed to hit PRs every time he picked up a barbell, nailing a 235# back squat to close out the challenge.  Mike leaned out and no longer needs a band for his pull-ups.  Nearly everyone at the gym has taken note of Mike’s change in appearance and increased performance.

Mike before the challenge.

Mike after.

And in first place in our Optimized Paleo Challenge was Marianoel.  Going from pescatarian to Paleo can be a pretty big challenge, but Marianoel was up to the task.  She stayed very consistent, hit big PRs on her lifts, and took her workouts to the next level in this past month.  Excellent work.  No more words from me, I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Congratulations and an honorable mention to Luke, Anna, Abilia, D1, and Dan L. for your excellent progress as well. 


4 responses to “Congratulations

  • Chris

    Congrats to everyone that participated. Inspiring.

  • Marianoel

    thanks Chris!! you rocked your dishes, too!

    Congrats Kendra and Mike!! I’m so glad we all learned so much through this 🙂

  • Dan L.

    Great job to everyone, especially the winners! Just knowing that you’re eating Paleo too, and that you’re getting such awesome results, keeps me refusing that before dinner bread and eating my veggies. 😉

    Imagine how great we’re all going to look and feel this time next year!

    Dan L.

  • Kendra

    Thank you! Congratulations to Marianöel, Mike and all the participants!

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