Words Matter When it Comes to Beef

Organic, grass-fed, free range, vegetarian, natural, grass-finished, what does this all mean when it comes to shopping for beef at the market?  Here’s a guide on all these terms.

Understanding the Terminology Used For Meat Products

And then on to a tasty recipe: Smokey Roast

Food For Thought: Meat-Based Diet Made Us Smarter


Skill (All Levels):

Romanian deadlifts (emphasizing the straighter legs and stretching aspect)

5 x 5

Workout of the Day (All Levels):

Row or run 100 meters

25 good mornings (45#/33# for women)

25 sit-ups

Row or run 200 meters

20 good mornings

20 sit-ups

Row or run 300 meters

15 good mornings

15 sit-ups

Row or run 400 meters

10 good mornings

10 sit-ups

Row or run 500 meters

5 good mornings

5 sit-ups

Post times to comments

Raffi, in the background, and Chris, who actually exists and is not just a name I put on the chalkboard with a blazing time, get their rowing in.


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