Optimized Paleo and New Classes

Lot’s of stuff going on not just this week, but for the entire month.  So let’s get to it. 

Our Optimized Paleo Challenge is kicking off this week.  This first week will be an introduction to Paleo eating, setting goals, taking measurements and photos, as well as testing out some fitness benchmarks, all with the purpose of measuring our progress.  

The first lecture on Paleo eating was yesterday with Coach Rane, and we’ll be having another one on May 4th at 6:45 pm.  If you want to learn about Optimized Paleo eating for the challenge, then don’t miss this lecture. 

Please note that the 6:30 pm class will begin 30 minutes early on Wednesday, 6:00 pm, because of the lecture.  The Elements class will begin right after the lecture at its normal time of 7:30 pm. 

Next up, new classes!  Starting this Thursday, May 5th, we are adding a 7:30 pm Elements class.  That means there are Elements classes now 7 days a week!

Also, starting Monday May 9th, we are going to have 9:00 am classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because several of you requested a later morning class.  Ask and you shall receive. 

Great job from everyone this past month.  Let’s continue the great times at CrossFit Merge in Glendale for the month of May!

Here’s a recap of all the cool things from this past weekend. 

Check out Jaime at the top of the Aon Center after finishing the Fight for Air Climb.  Way to represent.  Awesome job and congratulations, Jaime!

Friday’s afternoon class ‘loving’ the thruster and the chest to bar pull-ups.

Coach Rane instructing the Saturday crew on the handstand.

Benny and D1 finishing up the ‘Death by Sprints’ on Sunday.

Last, congratulation to Andie for getting her CrossFit Level 1 coaching certification this past weekend! 

The final test was a 283# deadlift.  Good thing she had been practicing beforehand. 


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