In Need of Some Motivation?

Feeling down because it’s Monday?  Feeling slow from a long weekend of too many eggs and sugary sweets? 

It happens.  You open up your inbox and those pesky emails are still there from last week.  They pretty much just zap you of vim, vigor, and vitality.  Do me a favor, take 3 minutes and watch this video.  It’s pretty inspiring and it has Arcade Fire music.

Elements on a Friday evening showing you what a 20 minute AMRAP feels like.  Great job, gang.

Then on Saturday, we got Filthy.  50 times over for 10 exercises. 

Saturday’s Workout:

Filthy 50:

For time, complete:

50 box jumps (24″/20″)

50 jumping pull-ups

50 kettlebell swings (35#/26#)

50 knees to elbows

50 walking lunges

50 push presses (45#/33#)

50 back extensions

50 wall ball shots (20#/14#)

50 burpees

50 double unders

And then on Sunday, CrossFit Merge received an upgrade, more pull-up bars and a gun rack bar holder from Rogue Fitness.  Check out the pics below.

Rogue Fitness barbell rack.

Rogue Fitness pull-up bar rig 2.0.  Now with 24 feet of pull-up fun.

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One response to “In Need of Some Motivation?

  • Chris Cavanagh

    Hey guys, I own and operate Alpha CrossFit in New Braunfels, Texas. We just moved locations last week and also have the Rogue Wall mounted Pull up rack. How did you anchor it to the wall. I bought 1/2″ concrete bolts and drilled a 3/8″hole and upon wrenching in the bolt the all blocks crumbled and the bolt pulled right out. Thanks for your help!

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