CrossFit Merge & The 818 Now Is Where It’s At

Okay, I know, you shouldn’t end sentences in a preposition.  But ignore that, and check out this very cool write up on CrossFit Merge in Glendale in The 818 Now.

Maybe you’re having trouble explaining CrossFit to your friends and family, show them this article to hopefully give them a better understanding of the best training program out there.

Tuesday’s Skill:


3 – 3 – 3

Perform max sets of supine ring rows after each set of presses

Deadlift (Elements)

Workout of the Day (WOD):

5 rounds for time of:

50 feet of overhead walking lunges (45# plate/25# plate for the ladies)

21 burpees

Elements WOD:

8 rounds for time of:

4 deadlifts

12 lunges

10 squats

Post times to comments

New member David looking focused on his presses.

Morgan getting a solid, locked out overhead position before beginning her lunges.

David, aka D1, says the weight just feels lighter and lighter everyday.

Andie, bum wrist and all, still hits the WOD hard with her jumping back squats.

Who should deadlift?  Simple.  Everyone that wants to be healthy and active.

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One response to “CrossFit Merge & The 818 Now Is Where It’s At

  • Dan

    Very cool article, Bryce!

    I’m guessing once she recovers from her first workout, she’ll become a regular!

    Keeping daily blogs coming – reading them is addicting.

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