Top 10 Reasons to Eat Paleo

Courtesy of Lean Machine NYC

10. Freedom from hunger

Eating food created by nature provides your body with everything it needs to feel satisfied, including ample protein and fat. Eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. It really is that simple.

9. Confidence in knowing you’re eating real food

Processed foods carry a lot of mystery. Despite fancy labeling and claims of being healthy, food products don’t instill much confidence in health-minded people.

8. No more yucky protein powders, shakes or concoctions

Our bodies were not created by scientists, so why should our foods come from a lab? Plenty of powdery products claim to be healthy, but how could they be superior to real food?

7. No more dissecting food labels

Paleo foods are real, single-ingredient foods that don’t need a list of confusing ingredients. Eating well doesn’t require math.

6. A huge variety of foods to eat

If you’re upset about cutting out pasta, don’t worry, the list of Paleo-approved foods is very long. There are probably even some foods you haven’t tried yet. Investigate the produce aisles, talk to your butcher and fishmonger, consult websites, peruse cookbooks, talk to some chefs, and most importantly, enjoy the ride. You’ve gone Paleo!

5. Easy to prepare meals with recognizable ingredients

It doesn’t get easier than Paleo. Start with meat or fish, choose a vegetable or two, and get creative with spices. Use fats liberally. My favorite fats are olive oil, avocado and nuts for salads, butter and coconut oil for cooking. When in doubt, choose fats made by nature (saturated fats are natural; trans fats are not).

4. Easy ordering in restaurants

Most chefs create dishes by starting with protein and fresh produce, which is exactly how Paleo meals are created. Unless you’re eating in a vegetarian restaurant, where the focus is often on starch, ordering a Paleo meal is incredibly easy.

3. No more junk food cravings

Your body prefers real food if given the option. Once you jump off the processed carbohydrate bandwagon, your body will stop bugging you for chips and cookies.

2. Eating colorful, delicious foods

Colorful food looks good. Color on your plate also indicates flavor and nutrients. By eating a variety of colorful, natural foods you will be getting the nutrients your body needs.

And the #1 reason for eating Paleo is:

The end of dieting

Hooray! Eating Paleo will finally free you from all of the dieting you’ve put yourself through. You can stop counting carbs, calories and fat grams forever. Really. As long as you stick to natural foods and eat them in reasonable amounts, you will transform into a super hot cavewoman or caveman who looks and feels amazing. It may take a little time to transition, but it’s worth it. You will lose fat, gain energy, and wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner. After all, this way of eating has been around for millions of years.

Sounds pretty good to me.  Post your thoughts on Paleo to the comments.  What questions do you have?  Have you tried eating Paleo before?  What was the hardest part about it?

Eating clean is a huge part of health and wellness, and while CrossFit is great, it won’t make up for a crappy diet of processed foods loaded with sugar and other chemicals.

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