How To Get the Double Under

You’re strong and can deadlift 500 pounds.  You run a 6 minute mile.  You knock out 50 pull-ups in your warm-up.  You’re pretty fit, right?  Then you try the double-under with the jump rope, and all that strength, all that speed, and all that power does nothing for you because you lack coordination, accuracy, and agility.

CrossFit lists 10 general physical fitness skills: Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Balance, Accuracy, Agility, and Coordination.  Which of these 10 skills would you want to live the rest of your life without?  None, right?

The double under is a staple movement in CrossFit because it tests the neurological components of physical movement.  Nearly everyone can jump 3″ off the floor, and spinning a rope isn’t too demanding, but putting it all together is another story.  So, here are some good tutorials on getting the double under.

Double Under Technique Review

Tutorial From Again Faster

It’s going to take practice and then some more practice.  And if you get really good, see if you can beat Chris Spealler in a 2 minute test of max double unders.  He did 251.

Thursday’s Skill

Back squat

3×5 (3 sets for 5 reps using the same weight)

Workout of the Day (WOD)

12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) of:

20 wall ball shots (20#/14#)

10 sumo deadlift high pulls (70#/53#)

Post rounds to comments

6:30 morning crew with their sumo pulls

David is improving in all areas.  These 5 back squats at 145# were nothing for him.

Burpee Mike and Ant were thankful it was only a 12 minute AMRAP, not a 15 minute AMRAP.

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