Hand Tear? No Prob. How to Tape the Hands?

So, you’ve been showing up to CrossFit Merge with consistency and doing the WODs with intensity.  You’re seeing results, looking and feeling better.  You’re faster, stronger, and have been working diligently on your pull-ups.  But now you have a hand tear.  It happens.

What to do now?  Well, here’s good video from CrossFit LA about how to tape your hand if you have a tear.

Thursday’s Class


Tabata row (score total calories)

Pistol progressions


6 rounds of:

7 shoulder to overhead (135#/95#)

Farmer’s walk to the sidewalk (53#/35#)

Sprint to the corner

Farmer’s walk from the sidewalk to the inside

Post times and load to comments.

Now for the pics:

The nervous few seconds before the start for Jaime and Jonny Jay

Jaime practicing on getting that full depth pistol

Farmer’s run, that works too

Now on to some reading:

Train Your Weaknesses.  Don’t Train Around Them

CrossFit Glendale Gym CrossFit Silverlake CrossFit Atwater Village CrossFit Los Feliz CrossFit Eagle Rock


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