Saturday Splits

Fast hands!  Fast feet!”  Shouts Olympic Weightlifting Coach and former Marine (Oorah!) Mike Burgener.

Olympic Weightlifting is about speed strength.  Being strong doesn’t cut.  Being fast doesn’t cut it either.  You need both, as well as accuracy, balance, coordination, and flexibility.  The split jerk is a dynamic and efficient movement.  Wanna put some serious, make your friends jealous, weight overhead?  Then split jerk.

Watch Coach Burgener coach Pat Barber on his clean and jerk in this video courtesy of’s video vault.


Split jerk


15 minute AMRAP

5 split jerks

7 burpees

Run to the corner stop sign

Post rounds to comments

Some toes to bar to warm up

No relation between these two other than being hard workers with a lot of fire.

Literally, sit down and take a load off.

Glendale Gym CrossFit 818 642 7270


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