All Fired Up

Disclaimer:  This is going to be a totally corny post.

CrossFit is hard.  The WODs are challenging, the movements can be complex, and at times, I really need to fire myself up if I’m going for a PR on a lift.  One area where I sometimes draw motivation is from the 1997 film, The Edge.

It stars Anthony Hopkins and the always great Alec Baldwin as two survivors of a plane crash in the Alaska wilderness.  Trying to make it back to civilization, they are being stalked by a massive grizzly bear.  They come to the decision that the only way to survive is to hunt and kill the massive beast.  Below is Anthony Hopkins’ pep talk.  Enjoy!

See the full fight here.

So what are some of your corny and non-corny sources of motivation and inspiration?


Power clean

Sumo deadlift high pull (Elements class)


Tabata Mash

20 seconds on/10 seconds rest for max reps of:

Power cleans (95#/65#)/Sumo deadlift high pull (Elements)

Back extensions

Lateral hops

Post total reps to comments

The morning “cleaning” crew

Cristina (center) showing how to properly scale the WOD.  Terrific job on only her second day of CrossFit.

The 7:30 Elements class working hard during the WOD

Glendale Gym CrossFit 818 642 7270


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