I wouldn’t consider myself at all indulgent.  That being said, I do like shoes, especially if they are badass kicks for CrossFit.  Stealing a page from Freddy C. at CrossFit One World, I’m going to talk about shoes.  Here we go.

First off are my Rogue Do Wins weightlifting shoes.

For heavy lifts, think squatting, and olympic lifts, think snatch, you want a shoe with a firm and stable sole.  If I’m squatting, I’m pushing down on the floor to drive the weight up.  A shoe with a squishy  sole will only absorb that force and thus lose that transfer of power from foot to floor.  The wood heels on the Do Wins eliminate that.

Also Good For: pistols

Not Good For: running

Next up are Chuck Taylors.  These are my APS (all purpose shoes).  Simple and timeless, the flat sole make them fairly decent for lifting.  Their versatility makes them well suited for CrossFit workouts that can easily involve weightlifting, running, and jumping.  But they aren’t the greatest for running longer distances, 400+ meters.

My latest addition are the Inov-8 f-lite 230s.  Very popular in CrossFit right now and they may in fact make a run at dethroning my Chucks for title of APS.  A minimal running shoe, the 230s seem to be the shoe of all trades, and I took them out last night for a 3 mile run.

By no means am I saying you need or should buy these shoes.  This is just how I roll.

Post your footwear preference to the comments.


Power clean

2 reps (70% of 1 rm) on the minute for 10 minutes


21 – 15 – 9

Hang dumbbell cleans


Post loads and times to comments

Paul power cleaning 155# 20 times.

Burpees for everyone.


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