Beginner and Intermediate Level Classes

What’s the difference between the classes?

Beginner Classes will focus on the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit, basic gymnastics (pull-ups, push-ups, dips), the kettlebell swing, wall ball shot, thruster, as well as running, rowing, and jumping rope.

Classes will still include a Warm-up, a Skill, and a WOD, but the classes will focus on  fundamental movements in order for someone to build a solid foundation for basic movement.

Make no mistake, the classes and workouts will still be hard, as the intensity has not changed, but all the movements will be doable for someone very new to CrossFit.

Intermediate Classes will also focus on the above but also include Olympic lifts and more technical gymnastics movements like handstands, muscle-ups, and levers.  Workouts may include heavier loading of weights and more than one technical movement in a WOD, e.g. clean and jerks coupled with double-unders in a WOD.

Am I a beginner or intermediate CrossFitter?

Beginners are those that have recently started their CrossFit journey.  Your training sessions are fun, exciting, and challenging but there is A LOT to learn.  You are starting to recognize certain terms and names of exercises, but you still can’t identify all the acronyms (SDHP, HSPU, P/PP/PJ, OHS, etc). You are beginning to recognize and properly execute the 9 fundamental movements but you know they need work.  You scale about 90% of the workouts and skills like muscle ups, handstand push-ups, and the Olympic lifts are very challenging. This phase will usually last around 2-3 months but could last longer.

Intermediate classes are for those that have been CrossFitting consistently for 4+ months, but time alone is not a determinate (it could be longer or shorter).  You have worked CrossFit into your regular, weekly schedule and you consistently come to class 3 to 5 times a week.  You can identify all 9 fundamental movements and all the crazy acronyms are finally making sense, in fact you can identify them at first glance.  At this stage you could probably help teach a newbie how to do things like kipping pull-ups, air squats, and how to use the rower.  You can do about half the WODs as prescribed and skills like handstands, ring work, and the Olympic lifts are improving a lot.

How do I graduate from Beginner to Intermediate?

Moving from the Beginner Level to the Intermediate Level means recognizing CrossFit’s 9 fundamental movements(SquatFront SquatOverhead SquatPress,Push PressPush JerkDeadliftSumo Deadlift High Pull,and Medicine Ball  Clean) and also knowing which weights to use for some workouts.

Successful graduation from the Beginner Level to the Intermediate Level means passing 8 out of the 10 skills on the Beginner Level test with proper form and control.

Beginner Level Test

The Beginner Level Test is not designed to be difficult, but it does test to see if you are proficient in the BASIC movements and training of CrossFit.

You can perform the skills all at once, one a day, one a week, it doesn’t matter when so long as you can pass 80% of the skills with proper form and control.

Once you pass the Beginner Level Test, you have graduated from the Beginner classes and are free to attend ANY class on the schedule.  Awesome, right?

How long will I be in Beginner Classes?

That depends on you.  If you have a strong athletic background, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and show up consistently at least 3 times a week, you could pass the Beginner Level Test in less than a month.

If you show up sporadically and haven’t seriously worked out in a long time, it will obviously take much longer.

Which classes can I attend?

Beginners are allowed to attend the Beginner classes, the All Levels classes, and Open Gym classes.

Intermediate CrossFitters are free to attend any class on the schedule.

Why have different level classes?

This class structure is designed to place our athletes in a class that’s appropriate for their level of fitness and experience.  Beginners are going to learn more, make more progress, and see better results working with people similar to their level of fitness.  The same holds true for intermediates.

Let’s be honest, CrossFit can be pretty intimidating.  It’s new, involves technical and athletic movements, strange acronyms, and heavy weights.  Most of us haven’t done these movements before doing CrossFit, and you can easily see how someone new can feel pretty overwhelmed in a class with a group of people that very seasoned at CrossFit.  

Put simply, this is the best way for you to make progress and get results.  


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